They score at the top of soma and you will increase so you’re able to Henry’s space to have a nights intercourse

Lenina is really so well-conditioned you to even with the girl high, she requires the birth control safety measures she read from the Malthusian exercise she did three times each week, each week having half dozen numerous years of the woman teenagers. Huxley uses Lenina so you’re able to underline the fact maternity is actually an excellent sin, a crime, and you may a disgusting complaint in the wonderful world of Hatcheries, and this rarely goes.

Scene two changes so you’re able to Bernard, whom attends a good solidarity services, the equivalent of a religious service, in which he suggests the new size of their differences from other brave the brand new worldlings, and of his discontentment. The fresh business style of a church are a residential area Singery. One Bernard attends are an effective skyscraper on the internet site a good Londoner carry out termed as St. Paul’s Cathedral.

They are weird since the guy dislikes crowds of people and really wants to end up being alone with her even though they aren’t having sex

Most of the solidarity services happens in several a dozen some one, half dozen guys and half dozen women who sit-in a circle, sing twelve-stanza hymns, and take a communion out of solid and water soma instead of wafers and wines. The participants all enter a religious frenzy- apart from Bernard, whom cannot experience the fresh ecstasy, however, pretends to.

The fresh new madness requires the new members of the team toward a-dance therefore the song which is perhaps one of the most appreciated pieces of the guide, the new parody from an excellent nursery rhyme:

Also that doesn’t bring Bernard the experience of genuine rapture you to definitely his partners seem to feel. Huxley underlines that this rapture is not necessarily the same as adventure, since if you might be excited, you will be nonetheless unsatisfied. That it impression is satisfying. Bernard try miserable which he hasn’t did it, and believes the newest incapacity must have become his personal blame.

Within this scene, Huxley satirizes each other religion and you will gender, yet still reveals how one another serve one of many specifications of the fresh fearless new world, Area

Lenina and you may Bernard get together in this chapter, and you can take a trip regarding England to North america to consult with a good Savage Reservation that’s not in the place of the present Indian reservations. Huxley signals that he’s bringing you one step nearer to an orgasm by worrying that he is bringing both you and their letters to help you a location with none of limitless, emotionless pleasures associated with the Paradise, a place and no powering fragrance, zero tv, “no heated water actually.”

Lenina are troubled since she believes Bernard was weird, and she secret if the exactly what she once titled “Nonsense” is true- he received extreme alcohol as he had been an enthusiastic embryo during the a bottle. He or she is strange while the however alternatively take a stroll into the England’s gorgeous Lake Area than travel so you can Amsterdam and view the latest ladies’ heavyweight wrestling championship. He is strange because the guy desires evaluate a good stormy sea in the place of experiencing nice sounds on the radio. Above all else he’s odd because he or she is capable of wishing he had been totally free in the place of enslaved by the their conditioning.

However, Bernard will not perform some of the some thing the guy really wants to perform. They are odd inside the desires although not inside the behavior. Fundamentally the guy do just what a brave this new worldling should do: the guy leaves the brand new choppy waters of the English station, flies Lenina family in his helicopter, requires five tablets out-of soma on an effective gulp, and you may visits sleep together.

A day later Bernard discovers you to definitely also the guy, including Henry Foster, can think about Lenina since some meat. The guy hates you to definitely, but he knows that she likes thinking about by herself by doing this. That will not end him away from back into their odd wants: he tells her he would like to become one thing strongly, warmly. The guy wants to be an adult, is capable of looking forward to pleasure, in lieu of an infant who need to have their satisfaction now.